SaaS Founders Report

Welcome to the world of start-up CEOs! I have always been fascinated with the cognitive mechanics and emotional engineering behind successful entrepreneurs. Their presence has not been more apparent as it stands at the moment. Daily we are reminded about the phenomenal achievements of entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, etc. During my 13 years of being an Account Executive, specifically in the Tech World whilst working alongside industry pioneers, I frequently worked closely with SaaS startup CEO’s in my business. Now, being a founder myself and connecting with other CEOs to understand them better and explore their needs, I decided to highlight a few CEOs in this report that has pivoted their way in their industry. I had specific questions that I wanted to ask them and wanted to explore not only their pain points but also their motivators for success. I wanted to learn more about the challenges they face, but also the opportunities they foresee. Overall, I wanted to observe tendencies or trends that emerged between the different CEOs I studied. Once I completed my research and I analyzed the information, I realized the value of the insights I had obtained. I decided that the information I gained was too valuable to hog and keep for myself, which led me to compile a report that I could distribute to whoever shared this burning gaining more insight into the lives of SaaS startup CEOs. Before I started on my journey of discovery, I sat down, focused, and identified my preconceived notions. I wrote down what I had in mind and wanted to monitor the results at the end of the process to understand if my assumptions were correct or not. The assumptions I had were the following: further read the report, download the full report here ➡️

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